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To be eligible for consideration venues must:

  • Be located in Tulsa County as a:
  • Music Venue

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

  • Hotel Restaurant/Bar

  • Meet Tulsa Health Department’s reopening guidelines
  • Provide 20-1,000 seating capacity
  • Secure 50% of fees for musicians
  • Require 1099’s from musicians

How to join

  1. Register as a Tulsa Safely business
  2. Register in the Tulsa Creativity Database
  3. Submit your application
  4. Provide a schedule of performances

Guidelines for the Play Tulsa Music program are available for download here.

An example Budget and Promotion Plan is available for download here.

© 2020 Tulsa Regional Tourism | Tulsa FMAC

© 2020 Tulsa Regional Tourism | Tulsa FMAC