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Support for Tulsa’s music scene

Live music is integral to the culture, history and allure of Tulsa. It drives the economic engine for venues, supporting businesses, bars and restaurants. It is Tulsa’s love letter to the world.

When Covid-19 landed, cancelled performances were a devastating and unexpected blow to Tulsa’s music and tourism industry. As opportunities vanish, Tulsa venus risk permanently closing, and Tulsa risks losing our beloved artists, performers, and musicians to other cities.

The Play Tulsa Music program serves as an opportunity for venues and festivals to safely host music fans, while supplementing costs and boosting Tulsa’s economy. Performers must be registered in the Tulsa Creativity Database. Venues and festivals must also be registered and fulfill the Play Tulsa Music guidelines.

Let’s unite to keep Tulsa’s thriving music scene in Tulsa.

© 2020 Tulsa Regional Tourism | Tulsa FMAC

© 2020 Tulsa Regional Tourism | Tulsa FMAC