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Music is a key piece to Tulsa’s allure, history and cultural significance.

Tulsa’s music scene ranks above the national average, making Tulsa a top music destination. According to the Tulsa Music Strategy, conducted by Sound Diplomacy, found that music contributed $335M to Tulsa’s pre-pandemic economy and was the fastest growing industry 2004-2018.

The Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts & Culture (Tulsa FMAC) – recently named as Music Cities Awards’ Top Three Global Music Offices in 2021 – created the Tulsa County Music Recovery Program (Play Tulsa Music) with the goal to provide an economic boost to the music ecosystem throughout the Tulsa region. This program addresses the negative economic impact on Tulsa’s music industry caused by the pandemic.


History of Play Tulsa Music:

2020: Play Tulsa Music launched in September 2020 with Tulsa County CARES Act funding. $190,000 was allocated to 26 Tulsa County venues helping to create 700+ live performances from September-December 2020. The program also offered financial support for associated roles with live performances including sound engineers, lighting techs, and production managers.

2021: Play Tulsa Music relaunched in 2021 with private funding through Tulsa FMAC and community partners. $100,000 was allocated to 17 venues throughout Tulsa helping to create 600+ live performances from July-September 2021.

2022: In December 2021, Tulsa County Commissioners approved funding through Tulsa County American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) for Tulsa FMAC to relaunch Play Tulsa Music in 2022.

Live Music Fund

Helping local musicians and the live music sector get back to performing. This fund is focused on providing job opportunities for Tulsa-based musicians to perform at applicable Tulsa County venues.

Creative Content Fund

Propelling local musicians’ music careers by assisting the cost of creative projects done through music-focused small businesses in Tulsa County. This fund will give an economic boost to music focused small businesses and add to the creative content found in Tulsa.


Tulsa FMAC wants to thank Tulsa County Commissioners for their support of Tulsa’s music industry through American Rescue Plan Act funding!

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